Human remains identified as missing Moncton man

My amazing son taken from me at such a young age.


Adam has dark brown hair, blue eyes. He is very good looking. His weight can vary between 165 - 190 lbs. He is 6'2" tall. He is an excellent barber by trade. He has mastered the art of hair tattooing, he cuts hair with precision.  Adam is an amazing lacrosse player, he has played competitive hockey, soccer and football. He has charm, charisma, and a good sense of humor.  He has gone by the nick names, AG Hundy, AG Howie, Howie, Howard. As a child he had the nickname Elmo. Adam has some very unique tattoos by which he can be identified. Adam is loved by his family very much. 

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Please send us any information you may have on my son's death. Please help us find the responsible party. Leave information here or call the RCMP, as for Cpl. Deveau. If you knew my son, any kind words are so greatly appreciated. My heart is ripping apart.

No piece of information is too small or unimportant.

If you know Adam at all, or have seen him please contact us. 

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Finding Adam Howard