For my son with love


My dear amazing boy


I write to you on this sad day

Your life from me was taken away

I will always love you my amazing son

Your life you know should have just begun

With simple jesters from your heart

My memories a flood do start

Your smiling face, your laugh and tears

The skinned knees, your dreams and fears

Your voice, your charm, your heart and smile 

your strength, your character your looks and style

Your voice, and goofy acts and life trials

A tear, a laugh your charm begiles

Oh, that the first day you started school

Then as you grew and could be such a tool

As I think of you and your heart,

More precious memories of you do start

The sleepless nights as a baby and teen

and all the memories in between

You are my life and my light, my son

I have cherished you since your life begun

When you first crawled, walked, and began to run

A life of sports for you had just begun

True wit, belly laughs, singing in the car 

Hockey games, lacrosse galore you starred

Hey Muma, you would say with a great big smile

I am doing good, life’s been good awhile 

I found out after you disappeared

After talking to your acquaintances, friends and peers

Everything you told them showed our love so clear

And you were proud of your mom, her life and career 

I wished I had known that before you left

Before you were taken from me by death 

I have loved you so much my dear boy 

Your disappearance for us was no joy.

We now know where you went my son

While your life drained, and our tears begun 

I remember the last time I saw your face 

Your hidden talent, love and grace

Obtuse I fear so many were 

Misunderstanding your challenges in life incurred

When I think of life’s beauty you will never see

Because they took your life from me

Please help me keep my memories a live

Of good things about you, your life with pride

You see my son it is supposed to be me

That died before you, do not you see

My grief, my heart, your life incomplete

My thoughts, my feelings bring such defeat

Let him light your path for you to see

What all of life is supposed to be

We need to remember your life is saved

By the son that rose from the grave

My son my son I do so pray

I will see you again on raising day.

I hope to meet you in that great place

The land of sugar, honey and grace

Please hold a spot up there for me

So, life together again we all will be 

My son, my life and my best friend

I have loved you to the bitter end 

Love Mom