Possible Sightings

Sightings - none verified to date

None of the sightings to date have been verified as Adam. 

All of the shelters and food kitchens downtown have been checked and management talked to and none of the possible sightings have been verified. 

Reported Sightings


Shediac - Pub

A man looking just like Adam did come into a pub in Shediac NB. RCMP checked the cameras and this was not Adam, it was a man who looked just like him, but he had no hand tattoos. 

Irishtown Nature Park

Adam was reported being seen in this park. RCMP investigated and found a tent, but no one present, they were to check back the next day and not him. 

Truck driver reported having dropped Adam off at a gas station

This is now known that this was not Adam but a local man who lives in that area, and hitchhikes. He has the yellow stripped coat, NOT Adam as previously reported on some Facebook accounts. 

Multiple sightings at food kitchens and Homeless shelters.

No sightings have been verified. There are men who do look just like Adam who are attending these places, we saw them. Management at all places are aware his family is looking for him and have been asked to give Adam a personal sheet with family contact information if he should pop into one of them.